ActCAD Licensing

Highlights of ActCAD Software Licensing

* Licenses are perpetual and valid for life-time
* Licenses are valid globally
* Self License Transfer option available
* Instant delivery of License Key(s)
* Unique and Proprietary Licensing Technologies

License Types

1. Key Based License

  • A unique serial number will be provided for Software activation over internet
  • License can be transferred to some other computer using “License Transfer” command
  • There is no limit on number of License Transfers
  • Internet connection needed during activation and deactivation
  • One license will work only in computer at a given point of time
  • Offline activation is supported in case internet connection not available in client computer
  • No need to connect user computer to Local Network
  • License usage details can be monitored on Client Login portal.

2. Network Floating License

  • License(s) can be used in Local Area Network
  • Network license server can be activated using either License Keys or USB Dongle
  • One License will work in any one computer in network at a given point of time
  • Any regular computer can be used as ActCAD Network License Server
  • Windows Server OS is also supported

3. Live License

  • License is controlled by ActCAD Cloud License Server
  • Authorize upto Five Computers per License in Client Login area
  • One License will work in any one computer over internet at a given point of time
  • No need of activation or deactivation
    Install software in any computer, add that computer to client login area, and use it
  • Once you exit ActCAD, license will be transferred back to cloud server automatically
  • License can be used in any global location
  • This method is ideal for changing work locations
  • Internet connection is needed always in client computer for License Communication

Please check this page for complete information about our Live Licensing.

4. Corporate Licensing

  • We provide Coporate License to customers who buy at least 25 licenses
  • Single license key will be provided with multiple activations limit
  • More economical compared to individual licenses
  • Licenses can be used at multiple global locations
  • More licenes can be added to same key in future

5. CAD OEM License

  • We can build a custom product with your own product name
  • Reselling such licenses is permitted
  • IntellICAD core engine available as OEM product
  • No restrictions on global usage
  • Windows Server OS is also supported