ActCAD Licensing

ActCAD licenses are perpetual. Upgrading to the next version is optional and licenses have no time limit. ActCAD

Software Licensing Key Points:

ActCAD software licensing key points
Licenses are perpetual.
Licenses are valid worldwide.
The User can move the license from one computer to another.

Types of licenses

1. ID code key

This license is suitable for Users who work on one computer and do not frequently transfer the license. If necessary, the license can be transferred to another computer using the “License transfer” command. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the software during the license transfer process. One license will only work on one computer at a time. Internet connection is required during activation and deactivation. Offline activation is supported when an internet connection is not available on the client computer. There is no need to connect the user’s computer to the local network. License usage information can be monitored in the customer login portal.

2. Floating Net (NET) license – ID code

This option allows you to purchase one or more licenses that can be used on multiple computers on a LAN network to enable the use of ActCAD. All computers on the LAN can use ActCAD, but simultaneous use is limited to the number of licenses purchased. The license(s) can be used on a local network. The network license server can be activated using either license keys or a USB key. Any ordinary computer can be used as an ActCAD network license server. Windows Server OS is also supported.

3. Live License

The license is controlled by the ActCAD Cloud License Server. Authorizes up to 5 computers per license in the client login area. One license will work for a certain period of time on any one computer using the Internet. No need to activate or deactivate. Install the software on any computer, connect that computer to the client login area and use it. When you exit ActCAD, the license will be automatically transferred back to the cloud server. The license can be used anywhere in the world. This license is ideal for changing jobs. Connection to the License on the client computer always requires an Internet connection. Please go to this page for complete information about our live licensing

4. Corporate Licensing

We provide a corporate license to customers who purchase at least 25 licenses. One license key will be provided with a limit of multiple activations. More economical compared to individual licenses. Licenses can be used in multiple locations around the world. More licenses can be added to the same key in the future.

5. CAD OEM license

We can create a custom product with your product name. Resale of such licenses is permitted. The IntellICAD core engine is available as an OEM product. No restrictions on global use. Windows Server OS is also supported. We rebrand ActCAD products with your brand and provide an installer.