AutoCAD Alternative

Best AutoCAD Alternative must be chosen carefully after careful analysis of several aspects. Why does someone look for the Best AutoCAD alternative? Below could be some possible reasons:

  • To reduce costs on CAD Software
  • To get perpetual license instead of paying for yearly rentals
  • To continue with a particular release of CAD (say 2020) for some years without the need of forceful up-gradation to new version each year
  • To associate with a small CAD software development company to get better attention
  • To get free technical support without paying an annual fee
  • Migration from one CAD software to another is not an easy process. Several aspects must be considered while choosing the best AutoCAD alternative. In this article, we have prepared some important points to be considered while finding the best AutoCAD alternative. Please read below:

1. Data Compatibility

DWG is the native file format of AutoCAD software since the 1980s. DXF is another important file format being used in AutoCAD. There are billions of dwg & dxf CAD files being used by CAD users all around the World. There are several versions of dwg files like R2, R3, 2010, 2013, 2018, 2020, etc. ActCAD natively supports all these file versions without any data loss. There is no need of any file conversion. ActCAD uses the Open Design Alliance (ODA) technology to read and write dwg & dxf files.

2. Easy Migration from AutoCAD

Who wants to learn another CAD software right from scratch? None I believe. ActCAD uses IntelliCAD Technology who develops the major CAD interface and commands. The interface, commands, and icons are very similar so that there is no need for any special learning for existing AutoCAD users. ActCAD supports both Ribbon style and Classic style user interfaces. You can customize the interface, aliases, workspaces, etc. as per your preferences.

ActCAD software has a Quick Start Guide and complete help in-built into the software. There are many help videos available on our Videos page for all add-on features and tools.

3. Economics

Price is another important aspect to be considered for the best AutoCAD alternative. ActCAD is very affordable and comes with global validity. Please check our online store for our price details. ActCAD’s license is perpetual and valid for a lifetime. There is no obligation to upgrade the software each year. You decide when to upgrade the future version of ActCAD. There is no expiry period to upgrade the software, you can upgrade to latest version of ActCAD from any old version.

4. Technical Support

ActCAD offers free email technical support to all its users. We also have a self-help system on our support page to get instant answers to many regular queries. There is no need to buy any support packs. Get direct support from the company in addition to our regional Dealers.

5. Product Development

Another important aspect is to know how frequently the CAD software is being updated. How many development efforts are being put on the software? You need to keep pace with technology advancements in parallel with other products in the industry especially AutoCAD. ActCAD as the best AutoCAD alternative releases new versions each year and new updates almost every month. We have a combined development effort of around 500 man-months every year. ActCAD implements the latest IntelliCAD engine in its products to implement all new features and enhancements. Our internal team constantly optimize the performance and add new commands to ActCAD software.

6. Product Continuity

How stable is the company that is providing the best AutoCAD alternative? The parent company of ActCAD is in business since 2006. We are selling our products in over 60 countries. We are growing each year and expanding our business to new countries. We are a very stable and profit-making company being maintained by highly qualified Engineers.

7. Legal Aspects & Genuinity

ActCAD primarily uses the CAD engine from IntelliCAD Technology Consortium which is a member-driven non-profit organization located in the USA. Apart from this, we use a lot of internally developed technologies and modules from some third party companies. We pay royalties to all our partners for using their technologies. Please read more legal information about ActCAD here.


In view of all the mentioned points above, you can conclude that ActCAD is the best AutoCAD alternative. You can download no obligation and fully-functional trial from here. Try, believe and buy the software. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee without asking any questions.

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